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Bareaz Group



At the end of 2001, bareaz company started working with a new factory for making P.V.C doors and windows , this was considered to be the first attempt in this sector in the Kurdistan and Iraqi Region. This project also let Kurdistan Region in general and Slemany City in particular to be faced toward the huge benefit in terms of personal incomes and new doors and windows quality. In 2002 the company brought the first M.D.F products factory to the  Kurdistan and Iraqi Region. Later, in 2003, for the first time, bareaz company brought the idea to construct the Sport collective stadium with Tartan materials which was not been thought about previously. So, in this specialist, we constructed 10 special play yard project in lovely Kirkuk Governorate.  

In 2004 and 2005 apart from Kurdistan Region, Barez projects was stated working in the other parts and cities of Iraq.  

We brought out the idea of constructing the residential projects, and we constructed tens of residential projects in different cities and towns in Kurdistan Region, in order to change the dreams of all homeless people to the reality.


At the end of 2006, Asuda Project for constructing 25,000 residential units had been approved by Kurditan regional Government   


While, in 2007 Barez companies Group awarded the first investment permission, which included 11 projects in different places in Kurdistan region. Asuda Project includes the following places:

  • Charmoo City in Chamchamal District.
  • Goran City in Halabja Governorate.
  • Rozh City in Rania Independent Administration.
  • Hamoon City in Koya District.
  • Meer City in Dokan District.
  • Nozheen City in Darbandikhan District.
  • Projects of (Deya City, Green City, Lwbnan City, Brwa City and Bareaz City) in Slemany Governorate.

The above-mentioned project considered to be the most helpful project for the homeless and house rent people in the Kurdistan region.


Besides of Asuda Projects, bareaz Companies Group is the owner of the partnership project namely Dania Project which was constructed in the highest and the most gorgeous place in Slemany City. In addition, it is owner of the Shari Dayk Project, which is considered to be the most special and the most prominent project in Slemany city in terms of the building construction model.

Apart from the residential projects, Bareaz companies Group has awarded many investment permission in different specialist and sectors such as (Industry  -Tourism – Commercial ). Bareaz Tourism project in Dukan district is one example of our favorable projects.

In Commercial sector , we will start to produce tens of international brand such as (space restaurant , spa services in Slemany Point Commercial Building. In addition, we are the owner of the following significant brand agency (Estikbal, Belona and Monden) in home furniture specialist. In the same time, constructing the greatest International Industrial City in Slemany Governorate with the total budget of two milliards dollars($ 2,000,000,000 ) is the newest permission of Barez Companies Group.

 In addition to all of previously mentioned projects, Bareaz Companies Group owned the active radio and social media project for Kurdish people and charity organization for people who has long term diseases or homeless people and also helping student to finish up his/her study inside and outside of Kurdistan and Iraqi Region , Barez Companies Group allocate adequate financial for this project annually.


Different Sectors

Bareaz Group works in different sectors

Superior and highly experienced staff

The staff are highly experienced and with a high level of responsibility

Hieght Quality

We always care about the quality of our work and our products

Best Quality and very suitable prices its One of the most important features of our projects

Bareaz Group Projects

Project History


Build a Sports facilities

Build a Sports facilities

MDF Product Montage Factory

MDF Product Montage Factory

Build a PVC Factory

Build a PVC Factory

Obtaining approval for investment in other fields

Obtaining approval for investment in other fields

Asuda Project to Build 25000 unit residential

Asuda Project to Build 25000 unit residential

The spread of our projects in all governorates of Iraq

The spread of our projects in all governorates of Iraq

Xelk Foundation


Investment in Media

Investment in Media

Investing in the field of trade

In the field of trade, we will begin work to bring many commercial agencies to Sulaymaniyah Point Building.


The implementation of projects in several areas


High quality for citizens

Thanks and appreciation

We are not the first to implement projects only, but also to receive thanks and appreciation.

Residential units

Residential apartments for low-income citizens




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